Stories updates

So I haven't posted anything in a while, and I do so appologize for that. However, I have recently moved (yet again) and am looking for work. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into a semi normal posting schedule soon, though I doubt it. Mainly because I'm looking for work, and a house.

So because of that, my stories are on hold a bit while I work out the plot, and get readjusted to my possition of odd feelings of having moved again. Plus I have a cold, and all I want to do is sleep... Probably for a week... Sleeping for a week sound phenominal...

Anywho, Just thought I would update to let everyone know that no, I haven't died, yes I do plan on continuing, though it will take a while and yes, I am still working on the stories that are posted up on AO3.

A New Life (Chapter 1)

So the HP/X-men crossover that I said I wouldn't post until it was about half way finished, well I posted the first chapter a couple of days ago. I couldn't wait, I was so excited that the first chapter was finished that I posted it a couple days after.

Chapter two is still in the works, though it is slow going. The main reason for that is because I am currently puzzling out a few things for the plot so that it will all tie in together and make sense. At least I hope it will make sense.

Now because I have quite a few ideas for this story I grabbed a composition book and started writing down the ideas, and puzzling them out that way. Along with that I also started to do character sheets to make sure that they are semi-consistant with the original characters, though there will be some major differences. No I won't tell you what they are, you'll have to wait to find out.

I have also posted the rest of this message as the author's note on the second chapter (most of it anyway as I formatted it for livejournal) so please take heed of this.

I realized as I was writing this that while I am familiar with the X-men movie verse I am not as familiar with the comic verse. So because of that a lot of the history that comes from the comic verse will be disregarded.

Since I plan on sticking with this story because the plot bunny keeps grabbing my attention, I have done some research and am writing down ideas, especially that of general plot ideas or how I'm going to explain some things. So while I was doing that while chewing on a bit of a conundrum that I have I started working up character sheets for those who have either main or semi main roles. I noticed that a lot of the history of the x-men characters is different than the movies (which I knew, I just didn't know how much of a difference) and am now kind of merging and taking away things to make it fit.

Please be patient with me as this story will be slow to update because of all of this. There are a lot of ideas for this story clamoring about my brain and I'm trying to pick those that will fit into the general story line that I have written so far. If anyone has ideas that they feel might be a good idea for this story please leave me a message. I post pretty much everything concerning my stories there including: update status, in the work ideas, etc... Though it might be a bit delayed, it will eventually be posted here.

ahahaha! Success!... Maybe.

So I recently finished the first chapter of the HP/X-men crossover and have started on the second chapter. The first chapter is going to be read over by Lady Laran and hopefully she can help me find and keep the direction of the story. As of right now I've already got a some things lined up for where the story is going and it's not going to be cannonical... which is going to be harder for me. I've never actually done a mostly original plotted story like this. Normally I'll change a few things to suit my needs as I write... Or at least that's what I remember of the stories I have written. Then again I did lose quite a lot of them several years ago that would have probably been posted by now.

Once I have a good direction and a strong foundation for the story I might start posting it. However, I would aso like for the story itself to at least be half way finished. Though I don't know how long that will be. Though I figured that I would at least keep people up to date on it in case you would like to read it once it is posted.

Hack the Planet had been recently updated as you know if you followed the story on AO3;however, that had been a mistake on my part because I posted the third chapter once again. So because of that I ended up posting a preview of the fourth chapter until it is finished. It is no where near complete, I am sad to say. Mainly because I ended up getting caught in the crossover for HP/X-men. Though I did post for the sequel in general called Skye informs Coulson (or close to that title anyway).

Well my lovelies it is time for me to continue writing while I watch Criminal Minds in the background...

Hack the Planet and other fanfiction news

So for those of you who follow my tiny little journal here. Which I am sure there are not many who do I have recently updated my series on AO3. I had made a slight mistake earlier in the evening and posted chapter 3 twice, one a few month prior and again today. So for those of you who have read the story there is now a glimpse of chapter 4. The actual chapter 4, and not a repost of chapter 3. lol. Please forgive me for that, I recently changed over to linux and lost the chapter that I was actually supposed to post. So I have to start from scratch on it.

In other fanfiction related news concerning me I have almost finished one of the one shots I started and have recently been bombarded with another one shot and chaptered story. *sigh* I can't just seem to stick to one story and have to have multitudes of them... So updates or postings in general are a bit slow.

Links, life and web page journal/communities

Off to the side you'll notice links with little comments next to them. Twitter and really are the only to so far, and mainly to let people know that I don't use them all that often. is mainly updated with my bookmarks, and my twitter is fairly new and I don't have much use for it... Maybe one day... Right now it's being used to stalk a couple of awesome Chefs and Tom Hiddleston (The supreme ruler of mankind). So yea... >_>

You'll also notice I haven't been on all that often and that's mainly because I have a couple of projects going on, mainly that of looking for a permanent residence, hopefully someplace relatively warm... Because I'm freezing here in GA... Just saying. Even my mini-space heater is having troubles keeping me warm, and then when I get warm all of a sudden it's unbearably hot and then I turn it down... Fast forward to twenty minutes later and I'm turning the heat back up, it's ridiculous!

I also know that I haven't updated HPsearch in a couple of days but really, there is only so much posting I can do on my own before I feel like I am insane.. So anytime anyone wants to join the community that would be amazing. Really, it would be.

Well, ta for now,

Hack the Planet: Next update - other stories?

As of right now there is no planned day for the update of Hack the Planet or the series Darcy's Escapades with the Losers, honestly I haven't even started on the next chapter due to personal issues. However, as soon as I have a rough estimate of when I will be able to update I will let everyone know.

I have a few one shots in the works, most of which are Harry Potter, or Harry Potter crossovers with something else. One is close to being done, the other four are not.

I also have a Star Trek fic in the works as well that I haven't really worked on that much, along with an Avengers-NCIS crossover, and a YYH/IY crossover. However, those are definitely on the back burner because of the fact that I haven't touched them in almost a year...

The fandom that is getting the most 'action' so to speak in my library of unfinished fictions is that of Harry Potter.

Just so you know, all of my fics as of now are being posted on AO3 under the pen name ChaoticPsyche. The link is posted in the links section on the left side of the screen, and it should take you directly to my user page, if it doesn't please let me know and I'll figure out why.

Idea, that will take a while to flourish

I had an idea recently, popped into my head by ADoseofBuckley on youtube, about doing movie reviews. Similar to that of Buckley's Musical Autopsies. I'm not sure if I will actually do this, even though I do watch a lot of movies, I love watching movies, but it requires a larger genre of movies than what I watch. Take for instance, if I did this then most of my movies would be that of the action/adventure variety.

Then the issue of doing this comes from time management, I am horrible at it, and as of right now I have a lot of things going on. Which all of these reasons to me are probably really excuses to you. One person's trash and all that rot. Though not with actual trash, cause that would be kind of disgusting. If I do end up making a video blog (VLOG?) then of course I'll create a tab to let others know when the updates are, maybe do a preview for coming weeks episode. I can also backdate the movies, because movies take a while to come out... So I could go in a random order or something.

I'm not sure as of yet, this is really just an idea as of now and maybe one day I'll pursue it.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope to one know that someone is actually reading this stuff. Though I highly doubt it.



So I recently made a community called HPsearch, where you can search for a Harry Potter fanfic if you've lost track of it. One Problem I can't find it when I search for it... I don't know why, but I can find it when I search for it with interests, but not if I just search for it via name.... Which is annoying... So any help on this issue would be awesome.

Also, how do I get it to show the tags I created to everyone?? When I view the page as a moderator I can see them, when I view the page as a member, nada. Any help would be awesome!


To find the page as of right now, please follow the link: